Players in dressing room
March 27, 2015

When heading into a tournament for the kids I always have the packing checklist ready. New to the list this year – The Mr. Cooley Towel! Not only is this a great way for them to cool down after Dry land Training, but it is also nice to have on the bench during shifts.

The other weekend we were playing in an away tournament and my son made sure his Mr. Cooley was packed in his hockey bag. It’s easy for him to use. When he goes to fill up his water bottle, he rinses his Cooley Towel under the tap, rings it out, shakes for a second and it’s ready to go.

For him, the towel lasted through all 3 periods of play and was a great way to wipe down his forehead keeping him cool and refreshed throughout the game.

By the end of the weekend, I had a team of kids asking me where they could get their own towel! Thanks Mr. Cooley for helping us make it through 6 gruelling hockey game!